Babin zub SkyTrail // 24km // 1.300D+-


The shortest race of Ultra Trail at Stara planina starts on Saturday, June 2, 2018 from Jabucko ravniste (Stara Planina Hotel) at 11 AM (an hour later than the previous year). The course is following the ski trail which takes you over the Babin zub peak and from the very start you can expect 2.5 km of ascent. The downhill course also follows the ski trail which passes by the Plaza restaurant. This will also be the first control point, with water (CP1 – Plaza at 4.2 km from the start).

After this section you will proceed to the well-known gravel path leading to Midzor, however at 2 km before Midzor turn left (opposite the peak; there will be a person from organization, the same as the previous year) after which you will descend towards Vucje jame where CP2 will be located at 10.6 km from the start. Proceed to the saddle where you will meet a person from organization who will register your passing. From there you will follow a narrow border path towards Midzor passing by border pillars along the way.

CP3 is at Midzor peak, at 13.4 km from the start. You will have water there. From there you will follow a familiar gravel path back to Babin zub by the Plaza restaurant that will now serve as CP4 with water at 19.8 km from the start. From there you will have more than 4 km to the finish line (via Babin zub again) – Jabucko ravniste (Stara Planina Hotel).

As you can see on the map, the course has the form of a “key”, a great part of which you will pass twice but from the opposite direction. Time limits:

  • CP3 Midzor 2:30 PM (3.5 hours from the start)
  • Finish Jabucko ravniste 4:30 PM (5.5 hours from the start)

As you may have noticed, the limits are quite mild, which is quite a motivational opportunity for those entering the world of skyrunning.

Required equipment: survival blanket and a whistle. There will be penalties of 30 minutes for those who lack those. As with every race we recommend that you be semi-autonomous (water, gels, etc.).

The trail profile can be found here, and the map here. All additional information regarding the race will be presented during our technical meeting on Friday, June 1, at 9:30 PM at Stara Planina Hotel (at one of the conference halls).

You can get your starting package at the race office at Stara Planina Hotel on Friday, June 1 from 5 PM until 11 PM. GPS record of the trail can be downloaded here (important points of the race have been inserted as well).

Registration are open from Monday, September 25, 2017 from 11 AM until Wednesday, May 2, 2018, 4 PM. Within the participant’s package runners will get a cotton T-shirt.

Applications can be submitted through portal, as usual, while the bus reservation system has been changed. There is a new rule for participant bus reservation and payment in order to enable faster and better organized filling of the same. Anyone who pays the registration fee and wants to be on the participants’ bus will have to pay extra 1200 RSD at the same payment reference number. Therefore, the same day you decide to pay a registration fee, you can book your seat on the bus immediately with another payment.

Those who do not make this extra payment within the registration fee, will not be included in the bus list.

Each participant must wear their starting number in the visible place, on the chest or on the belt, frontally. It can be on the jacket or a shirt, but cannot be covered with a jacket! The loss of the starting number means automatic disqualification. The loss of the record card also means automatic disqualification. We recommend plastic bags for record cards.

Limit: 299 runners at 24km race!

The race will be scored within Serbia Skyrunning League for 2018 in the format of sky classic. Each race on the Ultra Trail of Stara planina carries 50% more points in the 2018 season.

For accomodation for all participant in 24 km race we recommend the mountain lodge near Babin zub (4km from the start), Stara Planina Hotel, private houses or a camp which is just above the start in the forest. If you decide to stay at the mountain lodge Sum at Crni vrh village, you willl have to provide yourself with a vehicle since the lodge is 10 km away from the start/finish of the race. If you choose the camp, note that the beginning of June may be quite fresh at that height, so bring your winter equipment. More information can be found at the page “About Stara planina” at the bottom.

Link for weather conditions –

Awards ceremony: Stara Planina Hotel, Sunday, June 3, at 10:30 AM at the start/finish gate. In case of bad weather, the ceremony will be held in the hotel hall. The first three places in both categories (men and women) will receive the awards.

Transport for the participants not going by our bus:

The Tourist Organization of Knjazevac will organize special mini bus lines on Friday, June 1 for all the participants who would come by a regular bus line to Knjazevac. So, on Friday there will be two buses leaving from the center of Knjazevac, one at 2 PM and another at 7 PM. The price is 1000 RSD per person and the bus will take you to Stara Planina Hotel (Jabucko ravniste). There must be minimum 10 persons per tour for the bus to be organized. The same applies for Sunday, June 3, except that there will be only one bus at 12PM, in front of Stara planina Hotel. Contact for reservations Cica Svetozarevic +381 66 50 80 097. Advance payment can be made at the following account 205-9001018165529-44 Komercijalna banka. Please note that you will need about an hour for this drive, so organize your time accordingly. The bus may stop at the mountain lodge Sum, in case you book your accomodation there. For anyone who would like to share costs with people going by their own car, it would be best if you post it on our Facebook event page –

Get ready for the 6th edition! See you at Stara planina!

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